Katherine Aimone splits her time between Asheville, North Carolina and Maine. She is in her studio in Asheville during the winter and spring, and during the summer and fall in her studios in Rockland, Maine and on Monhegan Island. She and her husband, Steven Aimone, take a yearly retreat of several weeks to Italy to paint. 

Together they own and operate Aimone Art Services and both teach week-long workshops on abstract painting. Doing the Work of Your Life: Moving Beyond Fear in Abstract Painting, Katherine's workshop with co-teacher Nancy Hillis, combines yoga and painting.

During 2016, Katherine showed at 25 Oak Gallery in Rockland, Maine in From the Depths along with Ingrid Ellison, Krisanne Baker, and Steven Aimone. She also was a part of Kindred Spirits: Exploring Abstract Expressionism Today with Jay Zerbe, Matthew Dibble, Galen Cheney, Margaret Glew and Steven Aimone at the Greenville Center for the Creative Arts in South Carolina. She and Steven Aimone had a two-person exhibition in Florida called Shared Pathways during 2016, and in 2015 she had a solo exhibition at Studio Chavarria in Asheville, North Carolina.

Aimone earned her undergraduate degrees in Studio Painting and German language, and her MA in art history. Prior to her career as a painter, she worked as a museum curator and director for 15 years at various art institutions: DeLand Museum of Art (FL) as curator, Polk Museum of Art (FL) as curator of exhibitions and collections, Hot Springs Arts Center (AR) as director, and The Folk Art Center as gallery director and curator (NC). 

In 1998, she moved to Florida to serve as the interim director of the DeLand Museum of Art and met Steven Aimone. Shortly thereafter, the couple moved to Asheville, where she worked as an Editor/Writer for Lark Books for eight years. 

Since 2001, she and Steve Aimone have owned and operated Aimone Art Services for which she serves as Business Manager. In 2010, she established ArtsWrite, an arts-related writing business. She also writes for Art New England.